The map of flavours   

We invite you to travel together through extremely sensual flavours in the land of Masurian Sweets.

Taste is one of the basic senses. We experience the taste by means of four basic taste receptors: sweet, salty, sour, bitter and an additional fifth taste of umami.

Carbohydrates, simple and complex sugars are perceived; the largest number of receptors of this taste is located on the tip of the tongue..

Alkaloids and inorganic salts are perceived; the largest number of receptors is located at the base of the tongue..

Organic and inorganic acids are perceived, receptors are focused on the sides of the tongue..

Sodium and potassium salts are perceived, receptors are evenly located on the entire surface of the tongue..

An additional taste for glutamic acid, i.e. meat, is perceived. This taste is perceived on almost the entire surface of the tongue..

All types of taste buds are spread over the entire surface of the tongue and each piece of the tongue can perceive each of the flavours. It happens, however, that some areas of the tongue differ in their sensitivity to different taste stimuli. Taste buds are located on the tongue, palate, throat epithelium, epiglottis and in the upper part of the esophagus.


   A tale of flavours and senses   

Let us awaken your senses, which will allow you to admire and stop for a moment of memories, fantasy and dreams.

Prepare for an amazing story that will lead you to a world full of positive impressions
and colourful experiences.


See new opportunities. The play of colours and lights will reveal the wonderful sweet interior of our unlimited possibilities, prepared with attention to every detail.
Decide about the colour on your own or create your own blend of colours that reflects your desires. The land of Masurian Sweets opens up a full palette of colours.


Stepping on the colours and shapes of Masurian sweets, you will hear their sound.
Listen to your interior and let yourself be lifted by the waves of sounds, which are enclosed in a fancy packaging. The rustle of leaves in the wind, the bump of falling juicy green apples, the sound of nutshells hitting each other on a tree, are all enclosed in a small parcel and prepared especially for you.


Let yourself be carried away to the Masurian garden, to which paths of relaxing scents lead.
Feel the harmony by breathing with the mood of natural freshness. Smell the aroma of freshly picked raspberries, the crisp aroma of mint touched by the wind, the sweetness of blackcurrant bathed in the summer rain. Here you can inspire yourself, relax and calm down the hardships of daily routine.


Wrap yourself with the flavours of your dreams. Let your desires come true.
We open your senses for the meeting with a unique shape, form and packaging.


Let yourself be guided through the path of a good taste to meet a real adventure. Now you can enjoy the richness of tasteful sensations. Enjoy every moment. Enjoy the juiciness. Let yourself be carried away by your desires and check how Masurian Sweets taste.